Organic Direct

Liquid Coffee Concentrates

100% Arabica

A 100% Arabica coffee blend, purely organic, offering a very mild taste profile

Gold Direct

Liquid Coffee Concentrates

70% Arabrica 30% Robusta

An extremely fine blend of famous coffees for mild and aromatic harmonious enjoyment. Certified by the Rainforest Alliance for socially and ecologically sustainable cultivation.

Extra Direct

Liquid Coffee Concentrates

100% Robusta

A distinctive blend of strong and characterful coffees.Intense and spicy flavor.Rainforest Alliance Certified.

Cold Brew


100% Arabica

Selective extraction of fleeting aromas and readily soluble contents result in a unique taste. Intensive flavour, floral fragrances, chocloate notes, fruisty acids, high caffeine content (twice as much compared with traditional brewed coffee), 100% natural and calorie-free energy drink, no additives


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