Adesso Espresso Mini

Espresso at your convenience.This elegant and compact machine with a 1,100 watts heating element and ULKA EP4 vibration pump ensure a consistent and quality espresso. All Adesso espresso use full bio-degradable espresso capsules.

Product specification

Water supply: 1 litre

Power: 1100 watts

Weight: 3.3 kg

W x D x H (mm) 140 x 370 x 288


Easy to operate. One-touch operation makes for easy frothing. Magnetic stirrer enables milk container to be fully immersed for easy washing. Suitable for soy milk and hot chocolate.

Product specification

Capacity: 100 ml to 250 ml

Power: 600 – 650 watts

Weight: 0.8 kg

W x D x H (mm) 126 x 158 x 164

Tazzanera Capsule Machine

Tazzanera Capsule Machine

Nespresso Compatible capsule machine with 3 volume programmable buttons. Auto power saving feature. Available in Black or White colour.

Product specification

Water supply: 0.8 litre

Power: 1400 watts

Weight: 3.3 kg

W x D x H (mm) 120 x 230 x 240


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