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People are the heart of everything we do. From a barista behind the bar to someone with dreams of opening their own shop to our community that lives in the neighborhoods where we serve coffee: without these people, Caffeine Pro wouldn’t exist. We love when we can take things we’re passionate about – making great coffee, and do it with people we love. That’s what Caffeine Pro is all about. Being a Friend of Caffeine Pro means that you probably feel that same. We work on projects, both on the clock and off, with friends that love working hard, being a good neighbor, and having fun. Do you want to be our friend?

  • The best World sorts
    The best World sorts
    Caffeine Pro partners with top quality sources to offer you freshly roasted coffees that highlight not only the country of origin, but also the hard work of the farmer as well as the cultivars and processes that these coffee producers have chosen to present.
  • Coffee Machines
    Coffee Machines
    With our rich network of suppliers in Asia, we carry machines which cater to your specific need be it from low volume office use to heavy duty espresso machine for busy cafes.
  • Professional Barista Training
    Professional Barista Training
    We are not just in the coffee business, but we actually drink coffee ourselves. We acquire the knowledge and skill set to provide the right training for various levels of coffee lovers.
  • Technical Support
    Technical Support
    With over 20 years of technical experience, we acquire in depth knowledge to pinpoint problems and provide the suitable and recommended solutions according to your situation.

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Be it home use, office use or busy cafes, we carry a wide range of products you can choose from.

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With our years of experience on our side, we are experts in our field when it comes to developing solutions for you.

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We have served many satisfied customers. Let it be you.

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Coffee, brewed and consumed differently worldwide. We understand the complexity involved in choosing the correct products and methods of preparation. At CAFFEINE PRO, with our network of suppliers, we offer our clients ways to create the best coffee experience through different methods used in preparing a good cup of coffee. What better ways are there to connect with people from all walks of life than through a cup of coffee? Let’s Connect!


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